Trying To Stay Strong || Blainchel

Once he had sent the text to Rachel, Blaine prepared to leave. He needed to see Kurt. It was the least he could, since the whole thing was his fault. And if he could visit Kurt with anyone, it would have to be Rachel. She was just as close to his boyfriend as he was; the two of them were the best of friends. But he didn’t want to see her reaction. Knowing he caused this, seeing her upset. Granted, he looked like a fucking mess. He would change that. He sneaked into the bath room, and took a little bit of Jesse’s hair gel. He really needed it, or else he would go crazy.

After gently applying enough to make him look normal, he changed his shirt to a white button up, with some casual, blue jeans. He got his phone again, seeing he had no new messages. But he waited for something good to pop up. That Kurt woke up. That James Anderson had been arrested. Anything along the lines of that. He rubbed his eyes with his hands, trying to stay strong. For Kurt, for Rachel; and for himself. But it was getting difficult.

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    Blaine looked up at Rachel, his head still resting on the bed, next to where he held Kurt’s hand. “I’m just sick of...
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    He was lucky he rested his head down and seemed to calm a little when he did because Rachel had been about the...